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Casual ramen place

Welcome to “Raijin”, a spacious and welcoming ramen restaurant. The decorative wooden beams on the ceiling are designed to evoke the feeling of a thunderstorm, with the wood representing clouds, and the lights representing lightning.

Our signature ramen soups are Tonkotsu soup (pork based soup) which is mild and cooked in a pressure stockpot and boiled in high temperature, and clear Torigara soup (chicken based soup) slowly simmered and thoroughly temperature controlled. These soups infuse a variety of menu items – ensuring that each time you visit there is something unique to try.

We also offer onigiri (Japanese rice balls) and bento boxes at “Yoshida-Shoten” located within Raijin.

Japanese noodle bar
ramen RAIJIN on Wellesley

24 Wellesley St. West Rear Toronto ON M4Y 2X6
Tel: 647-348-0667
(Sun-Thu) 11:30am-11pm (Last Call 10:30pm)
(Fri-Sat) 11:30am-12am (Last Call 11:30pm)

Yoshida Shoten is open at 8:30am (7days a week)

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