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ZAKKUSHI 10th Anniversary
August 1st - 4th
@All Zakkushi Location

Zakkushi 10years Anniversa

Zakkushi on Carlton
We are opening at Patio from June 13th.

We are opening at Patio from June 13th.
Come and experience the great Zakkushi summer time!
Check out our Facebook for more updates.

Zakkushi on Carlton Patio

Zakkushi on Carlton Patio

New Grand Menu!
@Zakkushi on Denman & Zakkushi Dining on Main

Click here for Denman Location's New Grand Menu
Click here for Main Location's New Grand Menu

Zakkushi Spring/ Summer menu 2014

Toronto Location: from May-August

Beer Blast

Zakkushi Dining on Main
We serve Lunch Now!!
11:30am-2:00pm (Wed-Sun)
Click here and check the Lunch menu

Zakkushi on main lunch